Most stutterers fear to be noticed or identified in social gatherings. They would prefer to sit at the back of the hall where nobody will see them. This act is usually guided by the mindset that they will be called to address the public or to make a speech. If you are like these people, my advice to you is that you kill such mindset and stand up for your victory; hiding behind the hall or avoiding delivering a speech will not help you, it will rather add to your stress and anxiety, since decreasing your ergo as a human being which now makes way for low self-esteem to prevail. You will not be sent to death if you come out to stutter or fail to speak the way people wants you to; it will only be a stepping stone for you when you come the way you are to make a trial.

I would like to use myself as an example. When I was doing my third year in the university, I had chances of coming out to speak in my department and to address my fellow church members but I avoided all these by hiding and giving one excuse or the other. During this period, I had a friend who stutters even heavier than I do, but this guy was very active and determined to fight his course, he forces himself to speak even when people discovers he stutter he never gave in to it, rather he would be nourished and enriched by the strange looks on their faces.

It was during our graduation when we were called to deliver our parting speeches that I noticed my friend speaking with authority, free from fear, anxiety and doubt. He did perfectly that I was moved to change my orientation about speaking in social gatherings. My own speech thereafter was nothing to write home about because of the kind of mindset I had then. My friend is currently a motivational speaker with series of invitations from churches and organizations to speak in their programs. I learned my lesson from this event and ever since then I had never landed to hiding or shy away from the public. Today I can stand to make contributions and speak to teenagers without stuttering because my speaking ability has been enhanced the more.

You can do more than you hoped for when you step out of your fear and hiding. The only thing you need is courage and determination; just visualize what you want your tomorrow to be and go for it. This mindset will trigger a drive for trial even when you do not trust yourself!