“Dude, you're just freak'n lazy …”

Not you. That was me about 35 minutes into a boring explanation from a lazy executive about why he could not launch his business in the right direction.

I did apologize. As edgy as I am, I try to be kind, but this was too much. It burst right out of my lips.
And it was true.

It's something that I have been observing more over the last few months.

Despite the fear, the loss, and the uncertainty from the worst period in business history in 8 decades it looks that we are doing less than ever. It just does not add up.

Were we always this content to fail? And then whine about it as if success has nothing to do with the amount of effort that we invest?

So you're a big-shot executive that is under-employed right now. Whey can not you get a second job in retail or work nights doing security at a gas station or delivering pizzas?

My great grandsparents sold match-sticks for a penny a piece during the Great Depression – when a loaf of bread cost about a dime. They were out of work at their factories and yet scrapping with every ounce of effort to realize their dreams

It was a culture of effort back then.

And I miss it sometimes. Great minds help us do great things. But we actually have to do something.

Effort is the great equalizer.

Do not get me wrong; we are not doing nothing. We have jobs (usually), a business, and a fancy title or two.

Our LinkedIn profile is well scripted and our business card says “Consultant”.

But when you cut through all the fluff, here's what you come to realize – we are not doing enough.
Not even the bare minimum.

It's less than that.

It's poor, lazy behavior. In every sense of the idea.

I'm not even sure how we got to this point.

1. We talk ourselves out of action before we even get started.
2. We spend emotion looking good rather then getting results.
3. We debate the plan rather than working on it.
4. We discourage our competition rather than letting it motivate us.
5. We make excuses for our mediocrity.

It takes more.

See. Here's a little secret for you:

Doing the bare minimum is really all you need to be successful.

The bare minimum is enough.

But that might be more than you are doing right now.

Is it time for more?