Anxiety is known as a natural force which affects almost everyone that lives. However, it's said to be dominant in stutterers because of their nature. As a stutterer you tend to break up whenever you are stressed or subjected to a harsh condition; This is usually when anxiety steps in. As a stutterer, anxiety happens to be the major enemy holding you from being a normal speaker youought to be. The good news is that it is not a forever living problem; it can be deal with just as you can deal with addictions. The only thing it requires is self-determination and practice to overcome it. I have provided in this article, few steps to take in order to step down your anxiety level. The total success of the following tips will be a function of your mindset!

1. Agree with Yourself
Like I said earlier, anxiety is your greatest enemy; it's a force that requires you to agree with your innermost mind before you can over it. Anxiety is usually conquered when the mind agrees with the body. I considered agreeing with yourself as the first step because you are the founder of the fear which lures you into submitting to anxiety.

2. Do not Think or Imagine How Your Speech Can Be
For a stutterer, thinking to produce an answer to a question is different from thinking before a speech is made. When you think before speaking, you actually remind yourself that you stutter and if care is not taken, you will be forced into believing that your speech will be worthless; once this mindset sets in, anxiety will gain control over you. To avoid this, you need to free your mind from negative imaginations and focus it on positive thoughts; while you do this, try to speak as if you do not know you stutter. Your mind will be released from any anxiety when you feed it with good thoughts.

3. Avoid Too Much Worries
You can avoid anxiety by reducing the rate at which you subject your mind to worries. One thing you should know is that anxiety is part of your nature; at least you have not gotten the control, so try as much as possible to forget anything that will take your mind to your bad moments or problems. As a stutterer, when you think or worry too much, you call for anxiety and when it comes, it will certainly dominate your mind and body.

4. Stand for Your Right
Most stutterers are lured into believing the fact that they can not go for what they want! If you've been having this mindset, simply know it's your enemy “anxiety” that is at work. It comes to you and stirs up your heart by telling you not to do some certain things. You do not have to give in to this, you need to stand for your right and fight anxiety by building your confidence level and accepting the fact that change is permanent.

5. Avoid Too Much Stress
Stress and anxiety work together for your downfall! Whenever you are stressed the next thing that finds you is anxiety. To avoid this problem, you need to avoid anything that will make you feel stressed or tense; there is always a way to moderate your stress and that you should strive to know!