Managing customers most times can be a hard task especially one that requires you to explain procedure or protocols. Most times you deal with customers with zero knowledge of what you do or what your organization is all about. The fact is that non-stutterers most times have the phobia of managing these customers let alone you with stuttering tendencies. I usually tell my readers that there are stutterers who have the gift of managing events or issues, of which customer service is one of them; the problem sometimes is that these stutterers find it hard to discover what they have within them. Naturally, stuttering does not affect these stutterers because that is what they are gifted to do. However, this gift does not just find you, it requires you to build and develop it into your God-given gift. I have once worked in a leading commercial bank as a customer care personnel; the fun of it is that I did it some years back when my stuttering was so severe. All I experienced then was a win-win scenario. You too can do it, all you need to do is to apply these three steps just as I did and you will see yourself become your customer's favorite!

1. Always Wear a Smile
Naturally as a stutterer, you tend to speak fluently when you are in a relaxed mood, more especially when you are happy with not only yourself but with the things around you. If you want to get through stuttering before your customers, this should always be your mood both at work and at home. Learn to put a smile on your face every time you are at work or at your business place, it helps to tell your customers that they are welcomed and most importantly makes them stay in a mood that will never call for quarrel or harsh conditions which are of course what you do not need as a stutterer.

2. Provide Good Alternatives to Their Requests
Remember that most of your customers do not understand what you do as a person or as an organization. Be quick to render good alternatives to them whenever you discover the needed solutions to their problems are not coming coming. They need to know you're doing something to help them; it is when they discover laxity from your end that they will burst or get mad at you thereby triggering your stuttering.

3. Never Look Down on Your Customers
As a stutterer, you need to be very careful especially when dealing with people you do not know. Some customers who come to your desk for enquiries or to your shop for business does not come to transact or patronize you; they only came to access your credibility or to discover your weaknesses, so they can use them against you. Be smart to notice these customers when they come and treat them appropriately and good.

4. Keep to Your Promise!
Finally, try to keep to your promises by processing the requests made by your customers. Carve out ways to work ahead of them by making ready all of their requests; you can open a separate file for these tasks if you deem it necessary. Your customers will always be happy when you do this and they will always be on the lookout never to do anything that will provoke you because they will want to maintain the relationship to always get what they want from you.