Are you interested to learn the 3 most effective mental stop stuttering tips which you can start using for your speech today?

Today I decided to write about something I have received TONS of emails about …

You are probably looking for IMMEDIATE, QUICK results by using various speaking techniques and tricks WITHOUT learning the core concepts which would make the BACKBONE of your stuttering dissolution process.

In fact, your most popular request is: “Teach me TECHNIQUES / TRICKS which I can use and IMMEDIATELY START SPEAKING FLUENTLY”.

If you are a member of Stuttering Dissolution and familiarize with the material I share with the community, you already know by now that speaking techniques, tips and tricks ONLY WORK if you have the RIGHT FOUNDATION, which I like to call “THE INNER GAME OF STUTTERING DISSOLUTION “, to support those physical and mental speaking techniques.

However, I could not resist to your persistent demands and decided to share with you the 3 MOST EFFECTIVE MENTAL TECHNIQUES which you can start using the next time you speak.

Now, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE that those will work like a magic and will cure your stutter right away. However, as a result of being in this community for almost 10 years and meeting and working with easily thousands of people who stutter, I know that these are some simple mental techniques which you can be highly BENEFITED from.

Try and let me know your experiences with them.


Here they are …

* 1 – Imagine You Are Speaking From Your Chest / Belly / Head / etc. *

Pretend that you are NOT speaking from your mouth. That would take the focus AWAY from your mouth / lips / tongue area and will fool your brain and thought patterns.

Of course this can not make you fluent as soon as you try using it but try and see how it will help. Try pretending like you are speaking from your chest / belly / head / etc. and IMAGINE the sounds are coming from those areas.

My choice was my chest; however you might get better results by focusing on another part of your body. Try and see what works the best for you.

* 2. Imagine Words Are Flowing Like The Water Of A Smooth River Or Words Are Made Of Air. *

You can also use a visualization of WORDS FLOWING SMOOTHLY in the AIR. I used to think like the words are MADE OF AIR and they are FLYING SMOOTHLY all around my body.

In conjunction with the above technique, you can also imagine you are speaking from your chest and there is water coming from your chest easily where the words are TRAVELING IN THAT WATER FLOW.

It may sound a bit weird in the beginning, it DID to me, but brain is very POWERFUL and we should not underestimate the help we can get from our brain power.

Remember that any tool which can help us move a step forward to reaching our speaking goals is always more than welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

* 3- Inner Self Role Playing *

Depending on the situation, PRETEND like you are extremely confident / relaxed / sure of yourself / positive / assertive / etc. It should feel and be like you are ROLE PLAYING.

Do not get me wrong though, you are NOT being anyone else, you are just being yourself with “PRETENDED” FEELINGS and MOOD.

I do not know if you have ever taken acting classes before, but if you did have realized how positive it reflects to your speech during the play.

This may differ from person to person but I personally benefited from this technique a lot.

Remember, your body is still there, YOU are the one who is speaking, but your INNER WORLD is totally different, it is the inner world of a role model who would handle that speaking situation world and positive mood.

If you do not have self confidence yet, PRETEND like you do and speak like you do. Role play that inner self of your role model.

I am not sure if this will make any sense to you but you need to model until you BECOME the role model;)

You kind of forced and convinced me to give you some of the “toys” before you absorb and internalize the foundation and fundamentals of the subject but hope these mental techniques help.

Let me know … so I've also share some PHYSICAL speaking tips and techniques with you as well.