What makes you a unique person is your ability to devise a means of doing what people feel is hard to do. Most stutterers have given in to stuttering because they feel there is no other way to make a change. You can kill this mindset and make yourself unique by adopting some measures to help you call up words whenever you need them. Some of the steps I will be listing in this article have been tried by some stutterers and it worked for them; you too can try them to see if they will blend with your system.

Apart from your mouth which of course is the major channel through which words are spoken, you can also imagine yourself speaking from the other parts of your body. Do you think this is possible? Well, that will depend on your mindset and readiness to try changes! I have listed in this article, three alternative parts of the body from which you can speak from; these alternative speech lifters can only work when you subject your mind to imagination that will replace the stuttering mindset in you. Let's see them!

• Imagine You Speak From Your Head!
When singing, you either move or nod your head. Since it has been proven that stutterers do not stutter when they sing, you can make this become an advantage by imagining yourself speaking from your head. However, this does not mean you will be shaking your head, it's only an imagination which you need to put up to make you feel speaking speaking fluently, and to help send a message to your subconscious mind that you do not stutter.

• Imagine You Speak From Your Chest!
Have you noticed you speak very well when you moderately raise your chest with a graduated exhaling of breathed air? If you have not, try it out today. Remember, the best way to make this happen is by imagination. You talk and fix your mind at it and not your mind at your mouth or what you want to say.

• Imagine You Speak From Your Belly!
This time, you will imagine you are speaking from your belly. Breathe in enough air into your belly and start releasing every word or sentence with a soft rhythm. You can try this ordinarily, but it works easily when you make it an imagination, that way you are replacing the stuttering mindset with the positive mindset that you can speak freely from the other parts of your body.

Remember, these tips are subject to body systems and self readiness to adapt to changes.