You have heard it before and those who stutter know what I am talking about. We can leave the technical stuff behind, because stuttering is more than just a speech disorder. It also affects person's personality, feelings, confidence, relationships and so on. It's only up to that particular stutterer how he or she deals with everything what is going on.

I think I am one of the average ones who went through hell in the teen age to peace and calmness in the late 20's and live a normal happy life. I remember my first experience with stuttering on a football summer pre season camp when I was around 12 and my roommates were listing through a book and whispered to each other: “Be quiet, he stutters and can hear us”. Since then it has been pretty wild and very interesting.

My first stuttering therapy started when I was 13 and something and I have to say it helped. I saw a speech and language therapist twice a week before school and I practiced speech therapy exercises like reading out load and talking out load with an oscillating device on my chest. But then she had to move to another city and that was it.

My self-confidence was getting worse and on top of that I started secondary school. That meant new environment, people, teachers, everything. I did not talk and my task of the day was to avoid being visible. My speech was not fluent at all and my mum found a school psychologist for me. I started to see her when I was maybe 16. We discussed my childhood, relationships, tried hypnosis and many other tools. Meanwhile I withdraw from my football team and basically lost all my friends. My main object was to survive the following day and myylum was music, sport, writing and dreams.

It continued this way until I was maybe 19. I was at university at that time and my cousin found a new boyfriend. He took me the way I was and we started going out together, met new people and I was finally living the life I had long for. My confidence was coming back, although my speech was not as good as I wanted it to be.

At about 22 my mum found a top class therapist who taught me the stuttering therapy techniques as correct breathing, reading, articulating and talking. My speech got better. He decided after 1 year of therapy that I was ready to go out into the “wilderness” and control the way I talk.

At the 27 came my breakthrough when I decided to move from Slovakia to London. I thread myself into a real jungle without speaking English properly and fear of doing anything new. I was given a chance at a hotel's front desk (!!!) as a porter and made it to an Assistant of Head Concierge in 3 years.

Although I still stutter and my self-confidence is not 100%, who cares. I am married, try my best in life and do not think about stuttering anymore. I proud of what I have achieved and want more …