Have you for once consider the fact that you contribute to your daily and heavy stuttering tendencies? Most times you do some things which help to increase the pressure of stuttering without even knowing them! As a stutterer, there is a side of you which pushes you apart in terms of keeping to the techniques for control of stuttering. If you have not noticed this as a habit, then this article is for you! I have written this article to help you discover the three main sides of you that makes you a potential stutterer.

The major side of you that makes you stutter heavily is your subconscious mind! You may not know this, but I am telling you that it all depends on what you feed your subconscious mind. If you feed your mind with the fact that you have a speech disorder or you are a stutterer, then it will help to send it to the outside whenever you speak. Your mind is like a magnet, it can only produce the information it has been loaded with and nothing more. The implication is that whatever goes in there automatically reflects on your speaking. You can deal with this habit by speaking faith to your mind; let your mind know that you can do anything irrespective of your condition.

The second side of you that tends to increase your stuttering tendency is the ability to breathe properly. As a stutterer, the greatest challenge that faces you most times is the inability to breathe fine before and while talking. This is however, not seen as a challenging challenge since you can override it; what it requires is dedication to the specified techniques or methods of breathing. If you have not been breathing very well before now then know that you have the ability to breathe well as a habit. This habit will seize to occur when you begin to breathe well and normal. Try to take in much air before you talk; allow your breath to go up and then begin to release them gradually as you speak.

The last side of you that makes your stuttering ability dominant is the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown has a lot to do with your thinking and mindset. It includes the fear of speaking before new friends, or in a public gathering. This case will permanently remain a habit that throws you off-balance if not controlled. The heavy problem caused by this habit is that it will periodically arrest your thought every time you make an attempt to speak. To free yourself from this habit, learn to develop a self-confidence and strong mind especially when you are in a gathering or with new friends. When you do this you will see yourself speaking freely as ever!