Stutterers are made fun of anywhere they go, be it school, college, work and even in public places. Teasing is usually done by imitating the speaking actions of the stutterers are made the butt of the jokes. Even worse is the fact that stutterers are expected to laugh along with the crowd at the whole snickering pointed at them. All this causes an emotional strain experiencing this condition.

Stuttering is never considered as a disorder by many people in the society. People just treat as an amusing thing which needs to be made fun of and not many realize the serious consequences it may cause to the sufferer. It is said that first impressions are best impressions but stutterers are never given a chance to prove their first impressions. For example, when being introduced to a stutterer, the first thing that a non stutterer does is to imitate the stutterer's speech action. While the non-stutterer does it to ease out the tension of knowing the sufferers problem of the newly introduced, it may not be a pleasant experience for the stutterer. Also, it does not really give a chance for the stutterer to make his first impression.

Another form of teasing is the mock sympathetic glance or speech which makes the stutterers even more uncomfortable. The non stutterers exhibit a false sense of sympathy with an even more sympathetic smile to make the stutterers feel like disabled people. This not only irritates the stutterers but also makes them feel that they do possess a disability.

The result of this teasing greatly influences the life of stutterers and it makes them more irritable and unapproachable. They begin to think that nobody is helpful and refuse the help that others might try to provide them. The stutterers develop low self-esteem resulting in a distinct disinterest in life. In fact some stutterers are known to become psychologically depressed because of the actions of the non stutterers

Thus such type of teasing must be condemned and the suffering of the stutterers needs to be understood by everyone. As a society, it is important to understand that stutterers need help in recovering from their problem and that even if help can not be provided, at least the teasing and mockery must be stopped to help them lead a peaceful life. More than anything, stutterers need tolerance from their fellow human beings to help them lead a normal life.