One common thing with stutterers is that they tend to know their speech system and how to adjust to some conditions. They can tell what triggers their stuttering and most times when it fits them to them; it could be anger, impatience, anxiety or self-disappointment. Whichever one you may have, the most important thing is discovering your mind and what triggers it to inject the fear of stuttering in you.

There is a part of you that hunger for normalcy of speech; this part always welcome ideas when they come, it helps to sharpen your mind that there could be a remedy to your problem. At the same time, another part of you sees this drive as a defeat; it constantly reminds you of all your worst moments and how you have failed to deliver some good rulings as a result of your speech disorder. No matter what you think, I want you to know that there are two minds living in your body; the mind that drives for change and the one that wants you defeated. The power to excel greatly depends on you.

I made the above comment because you are the only one to tell yourself that you want change; This is because you have the key to your minds and it is only when you unlock them that you can discover which one is driving you. Stuttering is a natural thing that either comes to you by birth or developments at some point in your life. The power to control and manage it lies on you and what you feed your mind. There have been testimonials about how people outgrown or overcame their stuttering; these people are not different from you; they only succeeded because they discovered their minds and acquired the one that drives them towards the negative path of life. You can do better than them!

One of the ways to stay on top of your stuttering is by accepting yourself for who are and then going for the possible ways of arresting or controlling it; you can never have a hold on your stuttering if you have not deal with the mind that wants you on the ground; you need to position yourself for changes to occur. If you fail to attend this issue, then there is no amount of speech therapy or exercise that you do that will work for you, they will only result in waste of time and resources. The control for your stuttering lies on you and your mind, starting from your thinking to what you feed your mind. Remember, there are people who were once like you but today they are no more, they are now public figures and celebrities. Now if I may ask, have you ever wondered if any difference exists between you and the likes of Bruce Wills, James Earl Jones, Winston Churchill, Jack Welch and so many to mention? I guess I skipped the people in your community who you know as stutterers but no longer stutter! No difference exists between you and these people; the only explanation for this is that they have deal with themselves and the mind that tend to drive them towards the negative path of life!