Stuttering or stammering is a condition which causes the person suffering from it to lengthen words, parts of words or sentences. Although stuttering is either a disease nor a disability, it tends to impede the development of the individual going through it because of the consequences of it. Although there is no sure fire way to treat stuttering, certain activities can aid in getting rid of this problem.

There is no concrete evidence to show what causes stuttering but some of the reasons by which stuttering is caused can be attributed to psychological uneasiness, nervousness and tightening of the vocal muscles. When a person stutters, it is usually accompanied by short spasms of breath. It has nothing to do with stuttering but it is because of the nervousness caused by it. When a person stutters, the fluency in his speech is broken which makes it harder for him to continue with his talking. Generally, our minds think as fast as we speak and sometimes even fluent speakers will not be able to convey the desired information in the correct manner. In the same way, it can not be expected from a person who stutters. Here with the rapid flow of thoughts and with non-fluency in speech, it makes the person more anxious because it causes him to breathe more profusely.

Previously, the only connection between breathing and stuttering was the one explained above. But this was only till the McGuire program came along. This introduced a new way of preventing stuttering through a special type of breathing called the Costal breathing. Also called diaphragmatic breathing, this method expands the thorax while breathing it inflating the lungs with air. This causes the ribs to move up and down thus injecting air into the lungs. This type of breathing proposition by Dave McGuire supposedly relieves the stammering problem.

Although this is not a prescribed cure or treatment, Costal breathing or shallow breathing has been found to provide stutterers with temporary relief. Although some specialists claim it is just a trick to overcome stammering for a little while, stutterers are known to use this type of breathing as it gives them incredible relief for a certain amount of time. But this type of breathing has to be done in the right way with the apt mental balance to achieve proper results. It can be safely said that Costal breathing helps stutterers in getting a short-term reply from the problem plaguing them always.