Have you ever wished to stop stuttering?

It's an obvious and universal wish for the rough 1% of Americans who suffer from this speech condition. Only a stutterer knows the frustration and anguish of having the right words to say, but simply not being able to get them out of a trembling, jittery mouth.

But help is out there. You can stop stuttering today if you employ these five simple tips to your daily life.

1.) Relax and take a deep breath before speaking. It sounds way too easy, but it does help to ease tensions before opening your mouth to speak. A nervous mind only adds to the likelihood of stuttering.

2.) Researchers have known for a long time that people stop stuttering when they sing. Practice speaking with a rhythm to your speech pattern. Developing a sing-song style of speech will help with calming your speech problem.

3.) Take your time when you speak. Make a full stop between sentences and allow yourself to take a breath between consonant combinations and before unusually long words.

4.) If speaking in public, avoid looking at any one particular person. Focus your attention on a fixed point at the back of the room and imagine speaking to that inanimate object.

5.) Assume a character. Researchers have discovered that stutterers who act as though they are playing a role while speaking can reduce the frequency and severity of their stuttering.

While these tips can help in the short term, the real key to stop stuttering requires a well-researched and proven strategy. Speech therapy costs upwards of $ 50 per hour session and most of the mass-marketed stuttering cures simply do not work. A permanent cure for stuttering does not have to cost a fortune and it does not involve doing anything that any normal, every day person can not do. The power to stop stuttering is within reach for all those willing to look in the right places.

For my personal story of hardship and victory over stuttering, visit my personal blog: Stop Stuttering Now