Do you know that you have what it takes to control everything that revolves around your body? The only tool it requires is understanding and devotion. After some personal and general assessment, I came up with these steps to help you gain control over your stuttering. Let me explain.

1. Embrace the Fact and not the Factor
The fact is that you stutter and can only stop it if proper care and attention is provided. You can only worsen your conditions as a stutterer when you spend time thinking of the factors that possibly may have bought it. Once you embrace the fact; you will begin to see the need to look for ways of controlling it.

2. Pick Up Your Odds and Quite Hiding
Now the question is not how long you can hide but how long you can live in stress and personal humiliation. Deal with your low self-esteem by doing those things which you have long stopped doing or those things you technically avoid doing in order not to be seen or noticed. Also visit those places you fear most; When you reconnect yourself with these places, you will gain yourself trust and confidence which of course will drive away fear and provide a stutter free environment.

3. Discover a Personal Word Lifter
This step worked for me. I discovered that there are some words which I can use to lift or call up other words each time I notice or suspect my speech changing. My popular word lifter is “Well” Each time I pause to say this; it quickly calls up the next set of words I have in mind or want to say. I recommend you try this technique; find out your own word lifter today.

4. Avoid Early Aiming at Fluency, Work Towards Normalcy
The major mistake you will make as a stutterer is trying to speak fluently when you have not mastered the primary thing. If you are a stutterer, the primary thing is having the ability to speak or communicate fairly with people. Avoid trying to create an impression that you can speak very fast and fluently, take your time to learn and master how to speak to communicate and not to create an impression.

5. Take Advantage of Your Stuttering!
This may sound funny but it is a fact that has been proven. Stutterers who go for speech therapy are normally asked to come out of natural and stutter on purpose. This practice normally will put the stutterer in a relaxed speech mode because no pressure or tension is applied. It will also help to balance the tongue at the same time override the urge to stutter. Try stuttering on purpose and you will see a difference in your speech problem.

6. Discover Your Stuttering Moments
Work on discovering the moments your stutter gets worst and try fixing your mind on activities that will help preoccupy your mind while at the same time dealing with your stutter.