My stuttering developed when I was around 12. My parents let me go with the flow until I was around 13. I was entering the final year of my grammar school and had two choices: a few months camp where they teach me stuttering therapy techniques or therapy activities three times a week before school. I choose the second one, because I did not want to be locked away.

My first speech therapist was an old lady, a logopedic, who had been dealing with stuttering children like me for past 20 years. The speech therapy activities were pure logopedic and involved reading out loud, learn how to articulate when reading and speaking, reading out loud and then repeating it to keep me focused on the content, breath in the beginning of the sentence or if there is a comma in the text and learn how to speak slowly. I did very well and the results were visible just after few months. I started in September and by December my self-confidence was back and I was able to talk much more fluent.

But my therapist had to move to another city and as I was not practicing at home, the speech got back to where it had been before September. At the age of 16 I started another speech therapy activities for my speech stuttering. This time it was a psychologist and the main point was to analyze my feelings, reasons for speech stammering, my background and other things related to my personal past and future. We did hypnosis, breathing exercises and it all took more than 5 years. It did not help my speech, but it helped to understand myself better and get over the most difficult period of my life which was the teen age.

The last speech therapy exercises started with a stuttering therapist who was in the top 3 in Slovakia at that time. We did a lot of breathing exercises – breathing into the belly, not chest, starting every sentence really soft, reading out loud and other stuff which helped again. After nearly one year I was “declared” as healthy.

I am 32 now and still stutter. All those speech therapy activities helped me a lot, but as I was not practicing every single day I was not able to get them 100% into the reality. BUT, there were other activities regarding my self-confidence which helped and that is why I am fluent when I want to be.