Traveling jobs are in great demand in the US healthcare industry today. There are many job opportunities available for qualified speech pathologists in the top healthcare facilities throughout the nation. Traveling jobs offer the chance to work in challenging new environments and enjoy a good salary package with many benefits.

Speech Language Pathologists Travel Jobs in the US

Speech pathology traveling jobs are open to both domestic and internationally certified candidates. Speech language pathologists need to have a master's degree or equivalent in speech language pathology and a state-issued license. They must have supervised clinical experience and nine months of postgraduate professional clinical experience. Excellent communication skills are an important qualification.

Well-paid Job with Attractive Benefits

Skilled speech pathologists appointed in traveling jobs can earn excellent salaries and supplementary benefits including:

• Traveling expenses
• Professional liability insurance
• Healthcare insurance
Continuing education programs
• 401 (k) retirement savings plan
• H1b visas and green cards
• Short-term disability insurance
• Immigration processing assistance
• Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
• Additional state license
• Cancer insurance

Seek Assistance of Experienced Staffing Firm

To secure speech pathologist jobs in well-established institutions, mandates fulfilling the prescribed eligibility criteria that seek the assistance of experienced healthcare recruiting agencies. By registering with these agencies, jobseekers can make use of various resources and jobs databases to search for the right opportunities. Resumes can be submitted online or by downloading the application forms available at their websites.

Reliable recruiting agencies enable professionals in speech pathology to easily obtain permanent or temporary jobs in leading hospitals, acute care centers, long-term healthcare clinicians, rehabilitation centers, nursing clinics, home healthcare agencies, acute care clinics and many other facilities.