But even then, can you make a significant difference with your life even though you have a stuttering (or stammering) condition?

There's this story of this man I know, who visited our church one time. He was way past 50 years old, and he looked very intelligent and skilled in his field. Rightly said, because this man happened to be a master storyteller.

From my conversations with him, I learned that he has been through many places around the world and invited by a good number of groups and congregations to speak and share the message of hope, in a way that holds the audience's attention and captures their interests – through the simple medium of stories.

We sure learned a lot that day from him, and were entertained as well. He looked very vibrant and sounded so fluent, that it was hard to know the real fact that this man had a stuttering problem! He admitted it before one of his dramatic stories, and stated that he too at the start thought that apart from maintaining a normal life, there was nothing great he could do.

It was in the moment when he accepted the fact that he could not stop his stuttering, and just let go of the situation (by learning how to live with it, without stressing him too much in finding a cure), that he saw a great opportunity to make a difference in the world of storytelling, and create a lasting impact in the lives of others.

And to think that his profession now involves his mouth quite a lot!