I understand that as a stutterer, one of the things you hate and fears most is people mimicking you and the embarrassments that follow it! As a stutterer, you are usually tensed when you discover people are copying you or laughing at you while talking as a result of your speech disorder. If you are used to this challenge, I am pleased to inform you that a solution now exist for it! However, I must tell you that you have been living in a self-trapped cell for having this mindset all this while. One of the things that make you a unique person is your ability to accept who you are irrespective of the challenge or problem you are facing. I want you to know that there is always a way to deal with challenges when they come; what you need is self-determination and guard lines to make it happen. You do not have to die in self-pity or self-torture, the world needs you for a change to occur; you are not an outcast, it is high time you started looking at the big picture!

In this article, I will be showing you one technique to use if you really want to overcome embarrassment. I once told a story of my life about how preventing embarrassment almost cost me my future; it was after I learned from my friend that embarrassment is not really an issue that I decided to take the bull by the horn!

I want to reveal one secret to you; most of the people who laugh at you because you stutter can not come out boldly to speak in public, they are also afraid of being embarrassed may be this time because they can not speak correctly or give a meaningfulful speech. So why die in silence! Sit up and show them that you are a stutterer with a difference! Are you ready for your lesson? Let's start!

The only technique you need to deal with embarrassment is to be prepared for people to talk or laugh at you! Are you surprise to hear this? Well, it may sound unreasonable but it is the only way to deal with the mindset that injects the fear in you. Whenever you climb the podium or stand before people to speak, make it a priority to have the mindset that nature can drive you at any time and then make up your mind never to think of it as a problem. The idea is that your confidence level will grow and you will end up not stuttering as much because you have positioned your mind to face the worst when it comes.

Get rid of embarrassment by preparing for people to talk or laugh at you; you will get over it one day and very soon you will become a master and an orator of your time! Remember, running away from embarrassment will only make your stutter worst.