Dyslexia is a difficulty in processing information or a learning disability particularly in reading, writing, dealing with numbers and sequence. Today children with this disorder are diagnosed and treated as early as possible. But years ago, dyslexia is not a known condition and a significant number of people grow up unaware that they are dyslexic. An individual assessment for dyslexia in adults is the first step to understand their condition and get the necessary help to improve the quality of their life.

There are people who grow up, got a university degree and a job without realizing that they have dyslexia. They have managed to hide and end the disabling symptoms of dyslexia. They have difficulties in simple tasks like reading, spelling, taking instructions, distinguishing left from right, taking phone messages, doing simple addition of numbers on their heads, they mix up dates and time and other symptoms of dyslexia. Even if they have managed to hide these difficulties, it is a problem affecting their own confidence leading to frustration most of the time. To know the severity of their condition and to improve the quality of their life, they need an individual assessment for dyslexia in adults.

Despite their difficulties, there are dyslexic people who are successful in their chosen field proving that their learning disability has nothing to do with intelligence. They are not only gifted and creative but they also have the determination to overcome their learning disability to be successful. If you suspect that you have the symptoms of dyslexia, an individual assessment for dyslexia in adults is a basic step in getting the necessary treatment for you.