If you stutter, discovering how to stop stuttering can be life changing. This speech disorder affects a great many children and adults of all ages. Whenever new information is uncoovered, it raises the hope of stutterers. Although researchers and speech pathologists devote countless hours to finding a cure, some of the most effective information comes from those who have learned to overcome their stutter. Keep reading for two more of the best tips.

Tip # 1 – Visualize difficult words in your mind.

There are always certain words that a stutterer approaches with some nervousness. These would be those words that you have difficulty with, any time you have to say them. These words may be longer words, but just as often they are short.

One effective way to approach each of these words is to visualize the tricky word in your mind. Examine it one letter at a time. After you do that, then picture yourself saying this word confidently and correctly. Once you've had success in your mind, try it out loud. Over time, this will help take the power away from that word.

You should always practice this at home with a word or two at a time. That way you'll be able to quickly review the word in your mind before saying it during a conversation.

Tip # 2 – Practice saying the beginning sounds of difficult words.

Quite often the beginning of a sentence or a word is the hardest part to get past for a person who stutters. Once you're past that part it may be clear sailing.

Spend time at home breaking words into parts. You should practice saying each individual part of a word separately until that part flows easily for you. Only then should you try to put the whole word together.

When you've mastered individual words, do the same thing for a two or three word sentence. The more often you practice this strategy, the more effective it will be because as you practice you are gaining confidence in your ability to say the words properly. This will lead to more fluid speech and best of all, less stuttering.

If you stutter, do not give up trying to find out how to stop stuttering. Others have overcome stuttering. You can too. Why not give these tips a try?