If you stutter or you have a child who stutters, one of your main goals is to find a way to stop the stutter. And yes it is possible. These how to stop stuttering tips have been compiled from a number of suggestions made by researchers, speech therapists, and former stutterers. Here are 3 of the best ones.

Tip # 1 – Stutterers need to be encouraged not to speak too quickly.

Stutterers seem to speak very slowly. But what's actually happening is that they are trying to talk as quickly as possible just to get the words out and be finished with speaking. The result is often a stutter.

When a person stutters, the words get dragged out for a long period of time, so it takes them a long time to finish what they're trying to say.

But it will not work to tell a stutterer to slow down. That just creates more anxiety. Instead we can model the right pace by talking in a slow, relaxed way. By slowing down the rate of speech, in time, stuttering can be reduced or even eliminated.

Tip # 2 – Read out loud.

Often, people who stutter when speaking do not stutter when reading. If you are a stutterer, reading out loud regularly, at a slow but steady pace can help you stop stuttering when you speak.

It works because when you read you are not thinking about what you want to say. Reading aloud can help you to internalize the pace you can comfortably speak at without stuttering. Sometimes this pace will become automatic when you talk, leading to smoother delivery of your words.

Tip # 3 – Breathe properly.

Stutterers do not breathe properly when they speak. They often inhale when starting to talk which is basically the opposite of how it should be done.

To train yourself to breathe properly, take a deep breath before you try to speak. Then exhale as you speak.

It'll take practice for this to become automatic but once it does, you'll right away feel more relaxed when you talk. The more relaxed a person who stutters is, the less they tend to stutter. Learning to regulate your breathing is one of the best ways to stop stuttering.

Stuttering does not have to be a lifelong problem any longer. In time, you can learn how to stop stuttering. Start with these tips.