Dealing with low self-esteem is as important as fighting to make a living. It is a major factor that makes you develop a negative mindset about who you are. Low self-esteem can be likened to self-pity and self-torture. It lives in you and controls almost every of your life activities. One of the things low self-esteem can do to you is making you feel isolated; it will most times remind you of the need to dodge programs or events that will likely expose you to people. It has so much to do to you that if I start saying them, I may not be able to show you how to deal with it. The bottom line is that you need to get rid of it, and you can start by reading some of the tips I have provided in this article.

1. Remind Yourself of Who You Are!
Have you ever stayed to remember some mountains you moved in the past? I am sure there was a time when you stood before people to speak without any sign of fear! Such moments are worth recall because they help to fight the present spirit dominating your mind. This point has helped me in several occasions. You should try it yourself. Fight low self-esteem by remembering yourself of some great and unimaginable things which you have done in the past; your mind will be free from any doubt whenever you remember it that you were once a conqueror!

2. Build an Arsenal Round Your Room
You may be wondering if you have to go to the extent of buying arms and ammunition to fight low self-esteem! This is totally the opposite of what you are thinking. The arsenal you are to build is a decorative one which will help you to stay motivated all your life! The following steps will help you to understand the type of arsenal I am talking about:

• Get the wall papers of famous actors and actresses, singers or your heroes who used to stutter and paste them on the walls of your room. Their images have a lot to communicate to your mind especially when you take time to look at them. In addition to this, you can also buy and watch their DVD films and music, their words and rhythms can help you in terms of your reason or belief.
• Find out most of the things these celebrities did, including how they lived their lives and how they managed to stop stuttering starting from their childhood to when they became who they are today. You can do this by reading their books or by searching the internet. When you do this, you will certainly unravel one or two things that will help you send low self-esteem to where it belongs.
• Finally, you will need to divert all your thinking to how you can apply the things which you have learned so far.

Get these things in place and you will see low self-esteem flew away from you!