If you were unable to arrest your child's stuttering during his tender age, there is still the possibility that you can make it go, so do not regret or panic. You only need to accept the situation and then go for some possible speech exercises or techniques to help him live the normal life you wish for him. I have listed some things you can do to help him, read them carefully and put them to work.

First and foremost, show some love by welcoming the child into the family. Kids are very smart and articulate; most times they test you to find out if you are really who you say you are; they will want to find out if you truly accept them for whom they are, so make this a priority because they are watching you.

Secondly, speak him into confidence. Instead of wasting your time regretting or feeling sorry for him invest that time into making him understand that he is unique. Speak confidence into him so that he can use it to fight any emergent challenge or low self-esteem.

Give him some primary keywords to pronounce. Increase his chances of speaking by giving him some primary keywords to pronounce. You can write down words that start with the alphabets; “p, f, s.” I mentioned these alphabets because I used to have problem pronouncing words that start with them.

Be patient to hear him speak. You can help your child regain the love and mindset he requires to fight stuttering by being patient with him when he speaks. Do not rush him into speaking fast or trying to cut his speech; if you do, you will only add to his problem by increasing his chances of stuttering and this will lead to self-torture.

Make him believe in you. It's a different thing to show love and also a different thing to make someone believe in you. You can make your child believe in you by going the extra mile of buying books and other materials relating to how stuttering can be controlled. Your child will quickly position his mind to respond to training when he sees such devotion towards him.

Lastly, watch with him the videos of some famous actors and actresses who were once stutterers. While watching with him, tell him that the people he is watching were exactly the way he is before they broke the bond. This will help to push him into believing that his speech problem will one day be gone.