As a parent, you often feel for your child especially when it comes to performing or presenting the early morning speech at school. The child on his own comes home everyday to tell you how the other students in his class did excellently in their presentations; the child makes this report a habit which he must bring to you each time he comes back from school. The striking part of the report is that each time he makes it, a part of you keep asking you why your child can not be like the students he is reporting of. If you are a parent and you have once asked yourself this question, my advice is that you quite asking such questions and sit up for action. The good news is that insignificant of your child's stuttering, he can still be trained and nurtured to start talking like his fellow students. The only thing it will cost you is time! Yes! You need to create time for him because that is the only thing he describes from you. Based on some assessment made on my neighbors' child who stutters, I have been able to put forward three ways to help your stuttering child fit into his school morning speech presentation.

Tip # 1: Practice with Him Every Morning
Like I said earlier, the help your child will get from you is devotion and total care. To do this, you need to find out what their school normally presents as morning speech and make it a habit to write a morning speech of the same kind which you will give to him once he finishes his siesta. Give him the written speech and make him understand that you will be waking him up in the morning to practice with him; while you do this, make sure never make it become a stress or make him grow tense; you should figure out a way to make it become a fun which the child will gladly welcome and will want to remind you of it even when you tend to forget. Complete the tasks by helping him do the afternoon practice and morning rehearsal; keep doing this and you will be amazed at the kind of confidence your child will develop both at home and in school.

Tip # 2: Always Remind Him to Write a Speech and Present to You
You will need to allow the child to develop self-confidence in his writing skills. To do this, you need to step down after sometime to allow him write his own morning speech; make him do the writing and presentation and try to keep gift or prize to that effect. In case he fails to do the writing remind him of the need to do it and promise him a treat to motivate him; This step is highly recommended, it is better than shouting or making him grow tense. You should always remember that making your child grow tense triggers his stuttering.

Tip # 3: Teach Him All He Need to Know About Stress
Teach your child all he need to know about stress and what it can do to him as a stutterer. Give him instances of how stress can make him forget all he was taught and increase his stuttering. While you teach him about stress, remember to insure him that you will be there for him and that he would have nothing to worry about. Also remember to tell him he is doing well even when the clarity is not there!

Continue these steps and try as much as possible not to cut it. A long training of this kind will help to prepare your stuttering child for the future!