There are some excellent sources that provide help for stuttering. You have to learn and decide on the one which suits you the best. This article will broadly lay out the many best options available to you to enable you to make an informed choice.

Since stuttering help required for each person tends to vary depending on their age, the severity etc., it is recommended that one chooses an option which will give you best and maximum results. For instance the requirements of a child who stutters will be different from that of a teen or even an adult.

Here are some of the best known resources available to help with stuttering:

Speech Therapy : With the aid of a speech therapist, a person gets retrained in speaking clearly and slowly. With practice and over a period, there is improvement and results depend on the time and effort a person is willing to put in for this purpose.

Psychosomatic Therapy : This sort of therapy involves improving the self confidence both on a personal level as well as while interacting on a social level. Also any stress or anxiety that may lead to stuttering is addressed.

Electronic devices for reducing stuttering : These devices help in improving the fluency of a person by masking and other bio feedback techniques to improve this condition despite the results have been mixed and while some have had some level of success for others it has not been that beneficial .

Indications : There are medications which are prescribed but the results have not been that encouraging and moreover the side effects as a result of these drugs far outweigh the benefits.