How do we gain the courage to speak up? We all occasionally find ourselves in situations in which we lack the courage to say what needs to be said. In these common everyday occurrences, we later wish we could have been able to say something to help, correct an injustice, or prevent an accident. Let us look at some of the things we can do to gain the strength to speak up when it counts.

The first thing we can do to gain the courage to speak up is to put ourselves in the other person shoes. By observing things from a personal view point, we will be more likely to speak up. Making it personal will give us the added strength to speak up. For example, you see an elderly person being mistreated. Try to think about it in terms of your elderly parents being mistreated or abused. Our blood would probably start to boil instantly. This imagined thought would cause us to speak up for any elderly person in a like situation.

We can use our passage regretful shortcomings to gain the strength to speak up. Regret can be a powerful force that can be use for good when it is channeled. When the consciousness brings up the past we can use those lessons to learn from. For example, you remember the last time you failed speak and someone was severely injured. You knew that the equipment was about to fail for lack of service, but you did not care enough for your fellow co worker to say something. Now that thought or memory helps to ensure that that never happens again as long as you live. That incident has left you with a permanent reminder.

The scriptures have been a source of strength for many people for many years. The strength of the stories of courage and strength have given many people the ability to speak up and say what needs to be said. A daily habit of reading the scriptures (Bible) for a reasonable length of time will help to strength your determination to speak up under pressure.

Social activities have long been a source of positive enforcement ie inner strength to stand up and speak up. Man is a social animal. We did not come into this world by ourselves; it took two. By being a more social person we will gain the opportunities to help more people along this journey called life. Social activities should never be taken for granted. The benefits of these events are long lasting and life strengthening.

Finally, It is our responsibility as part of humanity to be our others' keeper. This means having the willingness to help whenever possible. When we gain the ability to speak up, when gain the ability to help. We always feel good when there is someone willing to speak up, and to stand up for us. So, let us return the favor.