Stuttering though considered a deterrent to achieving greatness in one's profession, has been overcome by many a famous personalities to show their prowess in their relevant fields. Most of these celebrities are world-renown people and are taken up as role models. Even better is the fact that some of these famous people have become popular with their speaking capabilities and they provide a ray of hope for the stutterer's world over.

Here is a list of some the famous people who have become famous in spite of their stuttering problem. Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister is known all over the world as an amazing politician and an avid orator but not many know that he was a stutterer. US Congressman Frank Wolf is another famous stutterer who prepared for the cause of stutterers. King George VI, a separate stutterer, led his country in the World War II campaign through his inspires speeches on radio.

Stuttering is considered a taboo in the journalism industry where anchoring shows and interviewing people plays an important role and yet in spite of his drawback, US journalist John Stossel has proved nothing is impossible with his award winning work in journalism.

Another industry where stuttering can not be accommodated is the entertainment industry where singing and acting skills are necessary. There would not be many who believe that James Earl Jones, famous movie star, the voice of CNN and the voice of Darth Vader of Star Wars was a stutterer. Another prominent actor stutterer was Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood siren who captured the hearts of millions with her beauty and acting talent.

Sports is also an area in which stutterers have proved their excellence. World famous golfer, Tiger Woods is one of the most famous stutterers who has grown from a child prodigy to World No.1 in spite of his problem. Bob Love and Bill Walton, famous basket players in the US are also stutterers who are working for the cause of stutterers in their country, of which the latter is said to have developed into a popular commentator.

Stutterers have made a mark in arguably every industry and done so in an emphatic way to show the world their worth. The above mentioned star stutterers are just a handful of people who have proved that no disability can be a hurdle in achieving what one truly wishes for. There are many more talented stutterers who are yet to come out in the limelight.