I understand that you have the urge to speak in public! However, there is one thing that keeps telling you that it is practically impossible! If you are stutterer and you have been wishing to speak in public, then the few points which I have discussed in this article will be of help to you. All you need to do is read and apply the tips.

• Understand Every Bit of Your Speech
You can not communicate positively when you lack the basis of what your topic is saying. Professional public speakers see this as a must do and so should you; also adding to the fact that you stutter makes it appropriate and ideal to prepare yourself very well. To begin this journey, you need to understand the key features and the real message of your intending speech.

• Form a Rhythm to Match Your Voice
Continuous research by speech therapists and writers shows that stutterers do not stutter or stammer when singing. You should take advantage of this gift! All you need to do is to form a rhythm which will match your voice. To make this work perfectly, you need to master your tongue when forming the rhythm so that it will not be obvious or easily noticed by your audience.

• Take Advantage of the Microphone!
I discovered that whenever I handle the microphone to speak in public, I speak freely without stuttering. I have tried this in several occasions to ascertain its consistency and it all proved one hundred percent right, so I took it up as a technique! In the absence of a microphone, you stress your voice to speak and one thing you do not need as a stutterer is stress. You will perform very well when you are not subjected to any stress of trying to shout in order to reach out to people.

• Pick Up a Focal Point Other than the Audience
When you speak try not to focus directly on your audience. Pick an image from behind and focus your heart on it; you will need to be professional in doing this! Do it in such a way that people will think you are looking at them while you are not. Phobia makes this step necessary for you because even people who do not stutter tend to stutter whenever they appear on stage or before a crowd, how much more you with stuttering tension!