The more the significance of speech language pathology is realized, the more opportunities for exciting practitioners arise for speech language pathologists. Speech language pathology is a serious task, on which could hinge the successful physical and emotional development of a child, the rehabilitation of a trauma-hit person, the emotional stability of the affected individual, and the happiness of the family to which the individual belongs . The task there before involves dedication, intension concentration, patience, and a personal desire to help the individual get back to his feet.

With greater emphasis placed on early detection of speech and language disorders in a child, and Federal law guaranteeing treatment of disorders in schools, elementary and secondary schools will require more speech language pathologists either employed full time or on a contract basis. Thanks to the increasing number of the aging baby boomer generation, hospitals have many aging individuals with neurological problems that could bring about speech and language disorders, among other issues. An increasing number of victims of accidents are surviving thanks to advances in medicine. These individuals may also require speech language pathology to get back to their normal life.

o About half of the 110,000 jobs held in 2006 by speech language pathologists were in educational services supervising preschools and elementary and secondary schools.

o Most of the remaining jobs were in hospitals, nursing care centers, home health care and individual and family services, outpatient care centers and child day care centers.

o The rest of the employed speech language pathologists held private practice, working on a contract basis in schools, hospitals, doctors' offices and other institutions, even as industry consultants.

For exciting practitioners as speech language pathologists, you should ideally have a Master's degree in speech language therapy course accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Jobs in certain states require a license or registration. Speech language therapists willing to relocate to the place of the job could also land themselves attractive careers.