Sometimes innovations come from learned men in laboratories. Other times they come from positive-thinking people with a burning desire to do something and who lack the education to know that it can not be done. Consider the examples set by Wilber and Orville Wright, Thomas Edison and many others …

Now a businessman in Coventry, England, named Wynford Dore has come up with a dyslexia treatment that is getting amazing results. Mr. Dore was not an expert in medicine, but his daughter Susie, now 35, suffering from dyslexia so severe she tried to commit suicide. A concerned Father, he set out to DO something. Mr Dore has been quoted as saying, “Experts have argued for 50 years about whether dyslexia exists or not.

“My daughter Susie attempted to take her own life while the so-called experts argued among them. We focused on solving the problem rather than arguing about its existence.” [Typical no-nonsense direct approach that drives the Academicians and PhD's wild. At the time the Wright brothers made their audacious experience at Kitty Hawk, learned men in famous Universities were arguing over aerodynamic theories, some of which 'proved' that a bumblebee could not fly …]

The dyslexia treatment that Mr. Dore came up with is aimed at improving co-ordination. It uses an exercise regimen to stimulate the cerebellum section of the brain. Inspiration came from exercises developed for astronauts, who seem to develop temporary dyslexia-like symptoms with long periods in space.

On the surface, the exercises, like tossing a bean bag from hand to hand, walking down stairs backwards with your eyes closed, or standing on a ball, seem to have little to do with reading. But recent controlled studies in England incorporating school children with dyslexia and ADHD, have demonstrated amazing results. The experts are slack-jawed with astonishment! Dyslexic subjects who earlier only progressed 7 months in a year, after taking the “brain gym” dyslexia treatment, completed 20 months of reading training in the next similar time period.

Furthermore, 10 out of 12 with ADHD shown no symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder afterwards. 80% of the dyslexic students were symptom-free. Some of the teachers of the dyslexic and ADHD students tested them afterwards and pronouncing them as being apparently “cured”!

Furthermore, the dyslexic students taking the dyslexia treatment-training continued their progress in the third year of the studies, some even progressing faster than their non-dyslexic classmates!

Mr. Dole has founded a chain of training centers (11 or more at this point) to offer dyslexia treatment in an 18 month course now available in parts of England. He points out that his dyslexia treatment is drug-free and that risk free.