We did not really begin to understand dyslexia until about 25 years ago. And up until 10-15 years ago school children were not regularly screened for the condition … or were not screened at all. And so the 10% of the population who are dyslexic and finished elementary school before screening began have never been tested or diagnosed.

It is estimated that 90-95% of adult dyslexics have never gone through dyslexia testing and are unaware of the reason for their differences. Most learned to hide their condition and became “closet dyslexics” without even knowing what dyslexia really was.

Today there are very few or no programs to identify and help adult dyslexics. Ironically, many go through dyslexia testing only after their school-age children are diagnosed with the condition. Knowing that there is a genetic link, the professionals in education frequently suggest dyslexia testing for everyone in the family.

There are two levels of dyslexia testing: screening, which is general in nature and goes broad and shallow in its preliminary look, and professional thorough testing, which is specific, in depth and tests for multiple possible problems. Screening tests are mostly questionnaires.

Sometimes, as in elementary school students, it's class position, where reading skills are tested and perhaps all the students in the lower half or quartile of reading skills are screened for dyslexia. In these cases the basis for the screening is demonstrable reading skills or the lack of good results in reading skills.

Thorough testing is done one-on-one with a trained professional expert who will test for each of the known different types of dyslexia. Today there is even adult dyslexia testing online, which can be done in the privacy of your own home or office; anywhere you have an Internet connection.

An online dyslexia test, designed by experts and tested and calibrated against know dyslexics, non-dyslexics and control groups is a fast, economic solution. It's expensive to develop but the reach and low cost of the Internet make it convenient for everyone and economic to use.

So are YOU dyslexic? If you want to know, you do not have to travel to a far clinic somewhere and pay a cost specialist to test you. You can just go on the Internet and spend a half-hour or so focussed on the on-screen exercises, tests and questions, and you will know right away.

If this dyslexia testing identifies problems, you will then just need to consult a specialist to show you how to deal with and get around the challenges that presents. The results are frequently spectacular and life-changing!

And if the dyslexia testing find nothing? Why then you will know! You can then cross that off your list as a possible problem and go on to other things!