People believe that oil extracted from fish is very beneficial, but they do not know that there are many side effects as well. People feel, nothing can happen if they take a double dose of the pills, however these pills when taken more than required cause quite some harm. There are equal amount of fish oil benefits side effects both.

One of the important omega 3 fish oil supplements side effects could be pain in the muscles, fatigue and fever. Some people face body ache and common cold. People who do not take the prescribed quantity of the supplements can face these major problems.

Some people face diarrhea and joint pain. These effects are unexplained and can happen due to excessive intake of the pills made from the oil of fish. Joint pain can be solved only when the correct quantity of the oil is consumed as per age and health of the person. In reality the oil is very helpful for joints, but anything that is consumed in large quantities can be harmful for the body.

Some people even get flu and abdominal pain. The right thing to do is consult a doctor and take advice as to what should be the dosage for you. Another alternative for pills of fish oil are flax seed oil pills, but there are some flax seed oil supplements side effects as well. They too cause irritation to skin and rashes.

The right thing to do when one is facing these issues is to consult an expert nutritionist or doctor. He can give you alternative medicine and that will reduce the effects. He will also recommend the dosage of the capsule.

There are many brands which produce the capsules. It is good to read about each company over the internet first and find out which company company sells the maximum and trust worthy capsules.

Oil extracted from fish like cod, salmon and many more similar fish is good for health and when taken in correct proportion will have more benefits than negative effects.