A disruptive flow of speech experienced by a person is commonly referred to as stuttering. This is not a disability but is a mere speech order. With causes unknown, it is said to be more prevalent in certain set of people than others. It has been observed that children, men and bilinguals are some of the most affected people although there are no theories to support this case.

Bilinguals are those who are capable of speaking two languages. Children who have been taught to converse in two languages ​​come under bilinguals and a section of these kids tend to stutter in both or either of the languages. The simultaneous learning of two languages ​​is sometimes considered a pressure on the child and is considered a reason for the child to stutter. But this can not be the reason as studies have shown that children at a very young age are capable of absorbing new stuff taught to them.

Although the prevalence in other sets of people can not be explained, a slim connection can be made between bilinguals and stuttering. The one theory to show that bilinguals are sooner to stuttering maybe because some bilinguals are more fluent in their first language than their second. Although it may often conceivable that stuttering may occur more in a secondary language, it is a wrong notice as studies have shown that stuttering is more frequent in the first language. There are even some cases where stutterers undergo treatment for stuttering and they recover from it in their primary language but appear to take more time for developing fluency in the secondary language.

Not all non-fluent speaking can be misinterpreted as stuttering. Especially in the case of bilinguals, mild non fluency might be present because of the knowledge of two languages. Some symptoms need to be checked to make sure if the child is suffering from a stuttering problem. A child can be assumed to be developing a stuttering problem when the vocative of the two languages ​​are mixed in a lone sentence, when the child has problems with the vocative or when the child is not fluent in either of the languages.

When stuttering is noticed, parents must try to not force two languages ​​on the child but it is recommended to consistently develop a single language with absolute patience. The child must be taken to a speech pathologist to receive proper treatment and must be taken care of with patience and love.