If you are a stutterer, one of the ways to control your speech disorder is by learning or knowing some facts about stuttering. You need to be on top of your speech disorder by putting more interest in techniques or information regarding the nature and the possible ways of controlling and managing it. This step will not only help to guide you through stuttering facts but will also motivate your mind by building in you a formidable force or strong confidence. However, if you speak freely and you are reading this article, my understanding is that you have someone dear to you who stutter! Well, you are doing the right thing and what is best to help your loved one. After some individual and group assessment, plus my own research, I was able to come out with some basic facts about stuttering. Read and note them for good!

• Stuttering is not a disease, it is a disorder (most cases rarely a disorder) which can be controlled and managed with some notable speech exercises and techniques.
• It is seen in both males and females. However, research has shown that the ratio is dominant on the side of males than the females.
• The disorder can not be transmitted on contact with someone who stutters.
• Stutterers are healthy, well-behaved and normal human animals like you.
• It can be eradicated when properly controlled and managed. Famous Tiger Woods, Bruce Wills, James Earl Jones not to mention but a few were all stutterers who overcame stuttering.
• It tends to run in families or family blood as a result of genetics.
• People who Stutter are just like every other person; they are intelligent, articulate, smart, caring, reasonable and hardworking.
• It does not have a quick or rapid cure; its treatment is a gradual process which requires patience and positive mindset to correct.
• The act is beyond speech disorder; it can result in self-torture or low self-esteem if not controlled.
• Environmental factors or changes may increase the development and severity of stuttering.
• Stuttering does not select people; it affects both the rich and the poor. Here is an every man's problem.
• The case is the same in all parts of the world. No country is exempted.
• It is positively affected by natural and artificial therapy.
• Children with developmental stuttering can outgrow it.
• It is of two types, the covert and the overt stuttering.
• Stutterers suffer from phobia at an early stage or sometimes late in life.
• Stutterers are normally quite but observant in social gatherings.

These are just a few of them, there are more to come your way soon!