School is the place where children spend most of their time apart from the time spent at home. It must have been made sure that stuttering children are rightfully right in school and are offered a peaceful atmosphere for studying. The responsibility of these falls over the teachers as they are the ones who are in charge at school. Apart from being just teachers and controlling the behavior of other students towards stutterers, they can also be mentors who can help the stuttering children to overcome their problem.

Although the first thing a stuttering student wishes for in school is the exclusion of ridicule against him, there are quite a few more things which a child would prefer. And this can be ensured only by the teachers at school. Teachers must first realize that stutterers are as normal as any other child and they need to be treated just like the other children. The stuttering child would never feel comfortable with all the special attention being received. Instead, it would do well for the child if all the teasing and bullying against him is put an end to by the teachers.

The stuttering children must be given a chance to speak out their views and participate in activities at school, be it the assemblies or any other special events just like other normal kids. Stuttering children must never be sidelined or shouted at because of their problem. It is essential that a teacher makes eye contact with the stuttering child while speaking and must give out positive vibes to make the child feel the encouragement. The teacher and student can also work together on the problem by understanding what makes the child speak more fluently and work more on it.

While dealing with stuttering children, the teacher must be as patient as possible and wait for them to complete their sentences, never hastening them in doing so. The teacher must not interrupt or finish the sentence for the stutterers as this will affect any chance of recovery for the child. Just because it takes a while for a stuttering child to answer, the teacher must not ignore him or answer on his part to shut him up. It should be understood that teachers can play a significant role in the recovery of a stuttering child and must make the child understand that they are available for him anytime and can be approached.