Adults with Dyslexia may hide reading problems, spell poorly, and avoid writing. These adults often have good creative skills, though. Many adults with Dyslexia are unemployed. They have difficulty in finding a proper job due to their accessibility. This makes them lose their self confidence. Adults with Dyslexia may be good at communicating with people without the difficulties that they faced during their childhood affected their self esteem.

Misconceptions about Dyslexia makes a Dyslexic person feel inadequate, isolated, rejected, and have low self confidence. Adults with dyslexia may have difficulty in concentrating. They are often restless, have less memory, and seem confused at times. Some common symptoms among Dyslexic adults are that they may take a long time to read a book and understand it, skip reading few words or lines, avoid reading and writing, missing sequence, problem with note taking, and difficulty in time management. But some of them are also highly creative as they think in pictures. They can be very persistent, have vivid imagination, can see things in a different perspective than others, are more curious, and have more drive and ambition to prove themselves in the world. Some very dyslexic adults have psychic ability.

Research shows that Dyslexic person's brain functions differ from the normal one. fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) tests have been done on 19 adults with dyslexia and on 19 non dyslexic adults. The results shown that adults with dyslexia are less active in the part of brain that is involved with reading. If Dyslexia is diagnosed at an early age, it can be treated. However, it can not be cured as it is a neurological problem. No two Dyslexic have the same symptoms.