Only people living with dyslexia will ever know what it feels like to have the condition. If you have been labeled as slow, lazy, stupid then you would have probably wondered what wrong with you, or worse you would have given into the constant mockery and accepted what was being said.

Dyslexia is simply an ability to process language. The biggest problem in fact is in its definition, Dyslexia is a name given to a set of language based problems. Since no two persons suffering from dyslexia will have the exact same symptoms or suffer with the same intensity it is hard to determine how to treat them. However what all experts agree on is that it is a form of reading disability that arises in people with normal intelligence who have been given adequate exposure to instructions.

The symptoms of dyslexia vary and are not the same from one person to the next. Most notable symptoms are:

A notable difference in the person's ability and achievement; people with dyslexia appear bright though can not seem to realize all that they set out to do.

Moderate to severe difficulties with spellings; many people suffering with dyslexia tend to reverse certain letters which look similar such as 'b', 'd' and 'p'. Also words and phrases with similar meanings are very hard to understand.

Inability to follow simple instructions – a person with dyslexia will find it hard to follow a simple three step instruction. This also results in poor understanding of math or any discipline which involves sequencing.

Difficulty organizing themselves -either they can not organize themselves at all or will have a unique way of doing it.

Most people with dyslexia are pretty smart and have above average IQ. They only have to learn to develop coping strategies which can help them overcome their shortcomings and embrace their strengths. Doing so will allow them to lead their life to the fullest. Dyslexia is in fact a gift that many people just do not realize. Dyslexics are known to think in a multilateral and creative way. They can look into a problem from many perspectives at the same time and also arrive at solutions intuitively. In short they have ability which can be of great use in society.