Life will be much more enjoyable and less stressful when you understand who you are and what your mind needs to know. If you are a stutterer, there are some things which you need to put into consideration to help you live a normal life. Living a normal life means finding out what you should avoid as a stutterer. In this article, I have provided just three tips that will help you stay on top of your stuttering. Read on to discover these tips!

1. Stress
Ordinarily, stress contributions to a major percentage of your daily worries. People tend to be uncomfortably especially when they are stressed out. For a stutterer, stress does not only mean this, it has a double effect which it poses to your life. The first is that it weighs you down normally as a human being and at the same time increases your body pressure which tends to trigger the urge to stutter. In most cases, you find yourself acting differently or having a difficult time coping with yourself. Based on this fact, it is necessary that you notice when your stress is becoming obvious so you can avoid it.

2. Development of Low Self-Esteem
Naturally, stutterers are known to exhibit some level of low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a thought or habit nursed by your innermost mind about your incompleteness as a human being; this thought does not only make you feel inferior but also helps to trigger anger, shame and defeat in you. In most cases it leads you into making some irrational decisions, like deciding not to show up in places where your stuttering will be noticed. Stuttering will also be there to torture your spirit whenever you see your collections speak freely or make contributions in the staff meeting. The best way to avoid or win this thought is to put your mind at a win-win scenario. Rather than hiding and developing low self-esteem, come out and tell the world that you are a stutterer, nobody will crucify or sack you from work. This step will help bring you out of self-torture; self-pity and at the same time build some level of confidence in you.

3. Subject to Diverse Opinion
It is a common thing for a stutterer to seek help for its problems. However, you need to control the rate at which you subject yourself to people's opinion. When you read books or articles, try not to subject all your hope to the material; remember these materials are written by humans with different views of life, which in most cases may not drive home the answers you seek. Avoid self subject to diverse opinions, take your time and study the people you listen to; their action or words can trigger anger and hate especially when you try their method and fail.